I print these images myself to retain control of the print quality, and ask that you email me with your request, and specific issues regarding sizes required. This is a very personal service.

They are printed on archival quality Ilford Classic Pearl paper using Lyson Fotonic ink rolex replica that exceeds Cibachrome in lifetime, and recommend that prints are immediately framed, behind glass, and protected from adverse high light or humidity levels which will shorten their life. The ideal is to present them in cool areas, where they can be lit at night using incandescent or warm lighting which will make them last, and highlight their individual unique character.

The Prints are currently being offered at £40 each A3+ in size (33 x 49 cm) which is an appropriate size to be genuinely impressive when framed, with a Tubed breitling replica Postage and Packing fee of £5 per print, multiple prints up to 3 prints are charged at this rate for UK postage only. Please ask for details of overseas postage.

The Deep Sky images are currently selling at £50 however their price will rise in 2008 when retail sales start again due to demand.

The print runs I anticipate NOT to exceed more than 100 of any print, and I will raise the price of any print to maintain this policy of limiting edition sizes. The reasoning is that I see each print as being unique, and do not anticipate participating in the demeaning of the Art of Photography by those who practice high volume print runs.

I am hard of hearing, and email is my preferred method of communication, for simplicity, and also because I have come to loathe the phone. I check my email very regularly. I hope that you find these terms acceptable.