New for 2015!

I have written three books on my work. I feel they are fairly priced, so please don't share the files or passwords. if you do, all that happens is people like me make no income from a lot of work, and the world becomes poorer as a result. If you would like a hardcopy then please contact me by email and I can organise this.

The first is on the digital art I worked on from 2000 to 2004, it remains pioneering at a time when conventional art had great difficulty dealing with art drawn inside a computer. Though now mainstream, I suspect you will be surprised to see how unusual this work still is, in a world that changes so fast. Click on the image to download the book in PDF file format, purchase the book via Paypal and I will send the password to view it. You may make no more than two image prints for your own use, not for resale.


Price £8.00

A Masterclass book on night photography, called The Colours of Night, which covers my main interest in night work, and the techniques I have used on Mull to great effect. Many images have not been shown before, nor in such context. I hope it will inspire you. Again for the iPad or Kindle.You may make no more than two image prints for your own use, not for resale.


Price £5.00

Finally a book on my planned mobile tiny house that should shake up the west coast, designed to run off the wind, sun, and water, requiring no services, no water or sewage, and affording the occupant a life living within the renewable world for free, while allowing them to travel where needed for work. I hope it inspires you to support my efforts to make it. As you will see there are some nice images in there as well!

You may make not make prints, I am releasing it free of charge.



Many thanks for your support over the years!