Every now and then while browsing the internet I come upon work by other photographers whose imagery I throroughly enjoy, and would recommend, this page carries links to them. I hope you too enjoy their innovation.

Dave Baldwin's Night Photography

This is a lovely site which emphasises that really good photography does not have any dependency on place, some people are just able to make what they take different, from the way that others see it. The effects are immediate, imposing and refreshing.

It it too easy these days to forget that photography is not just image collection, a quick click and you're there. It is the inner expression of far more, not everybody has that skill, when they do, it is worth learning from.

In the world of mass imagery, there are still those who can make you stop and see, again.

This is an inspirational site.



Lance Keimig's Night Skye

Lance Keimig needs no introduction in the world of night Photography, as his site shows, I'd forgotten the strength of emotional impact that images with such subtle use of natural lighting can achieve in black and white. A beautiful site, thanks for that.